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The slave trade:

“…..ravaged black Africa like a brush fire, wiping out images and values in one vast carnage.”

(Leopold Sedar Senghor, poet and first President of Senegal)


Senghor was correct, the nature of the slavery to which Africans were subjected in the Americas, to develop the economies of Europe and the ‘New World’, was unprecedentedly horrific.

“We have heard of slavery as it existed in Asia, and Africa, and Turkey – we have heard of the feudal slavery under which the peasants of Europe have groaned from the days of the Alaric until now, but except only the horrible system of the West India Islands, we have never heard of slavery in any country, ancient or modern, Pagan, Mohammedan, or Christian! So terrible in its character, as the slavery which exists in these United States....”

eBook just released

In light of the injustice that Black British people have received from the British establishment in the ‘British colonies' prior to arrival in Britain and in this country, to date.  What forms of inequity should Black British people expect to receive in the turmoil of post-Brexit Britain?


After every recession the Black communities in Britain have suffered disproportionately. Blaxit provides an overview of this inequity that has persisted since at least the 19th Century and the institutionalised racism that has spawned the injustice. The relationships with Black communities in Europe are explored and the routes to enhancing these links are outlined.


Subsequently, the options open to Black British communities to break the chains and fashion a new brighter future are explored. The routes to further links with Black communities in Europe are outlined. They have suffered the same injustice. Unity is the key!